The Great Isumi Early spring Gourmet Tour!

Isumi International Office is proud to present…

The Great Isumi Winter Gourmet Tour!

Calling all foodies – Come on a journey to explore the source of Japan’s culinary excellence!

On our second unique tour we’ll be in the fishing port and on the farm, rubbing

2017 March

shoulders with the amazing people who bring the fruits of nature to our dinner plates. And once we’ve snagged the freshest and finest ingredients on offer, we’re going to have a feast!

Read on for a snapshot of our mouth-watering itinerary!

Our first stop: Ohara fishing port for the fish auction. No, we won’t just be watching – we’ll be bidding alongside the pros. Hold your nerve and our supper will just get even tastier!

Then, lunch! And we’re making sushi rolls. Not just any old sushi rolls. No, ours are going to be exquisite, flower-like sushi rolls. You’re all thumbs? Have no fear – we’ll be under the expert tutelage of Isumi’s professional housewives!

Next on the tour is Takahide Dairy Farm, where we’ll be harvesting greens for our evening feast. Oh, did I mention they have 100% organic gelato ice-cream and natural cheese?

Round the corner is the picturesque temple, Gyoganji, which features outstanding wood carvings of waves by Ihachi, the artist who inspired Hokusai’s world-famous paintings. We’re sure they’ll inspire you too.

Now we’ve got the bounty it’s off to the feast in the ocean-view mansion. Out on the balcony the sea-breeze and panoply of stars are bound to whet your appetite for both food and conversation. Inside we’ll dine and fraternize with welcoming locals who can’t wait to show you the best of Isumi hospitality.

The next day our first stop is brunch at the fish market, where we’ll be barbecuing our purchases right there on the dock. We’ll spend the rest of the morning leisurely exploring the area and nearby beach.

Our final stop is the Kidoizumi Sake Brewery, the perfect place to round off our tour. Once we’re up to speed with the brewing process we get to sample the delicious wares. Kampai!

We are delighted to be able to offer all this for just ¥10,000 only!  To apply, click on this link <— —> and complete the payment for your reservation. When the tour is full, this advertisement will automatically disappear, so don’t delay!
We can’t wait to explore Isumi together with you!


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